Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Phase II

Another Birthday has come and gone. I can't believe I'm a grown ass woman, still feel and act like a kid which is good they say the secrect to life is to stay young at heart. Mind you my friends aunt just passed away at 107 and her secret was to keep living, so between the two I should come out in top. I'm adjusting well to Atlanta and the whole southern way of life, it is alot slower and alot more friendly down here than other places, although if you drive 50 miles in any direction outside metro Atlanta you would swear you went back in time to the 1950's, I still can't get used to the open display of the conferderate flag mind you probably never will. I do miss California though, I would kill for the following:
Jamba Juice (Orange Dream Machine),Baja Fresh, a Panini from Safeway,an Its Its, and a Burrito from the bomb ass burrito spot on 3rd in Frisco, either and In and Out or Nations burger,oh and I can't forget Fridays with Simon Gilligham my four legged friend. If anyone can facilitate I would be greatly in debt to.
I would say I'm in phase II of my life, I'm 30 something, back in the dating world, getting more comfortable in my skin and really getting to know me, It's been an interesting ride. The rules of dating have changed a whole lot, I don't understand where men have been given this power to act like they are doing us a favor by taking us out (or maybe it's just the ones I seem to go out with), or that we need to adjust our lives to fit theres. Ladies we need to stop going out of our way for these men, stop auditioning for them and make them show us something!! I swear I am already prepared to start collecting cats in lew of men, or we could do like the Amazons and use them solely for breeding purposes only and then cage them back up when we are done, they'd really appreciate us then!! I am really having a hard time finding someone I really click with that isn't expecting me to walk on broken glass just to sit on thier couch and watch tv. The wierd thing is if I am mean to men they love it if I am kind they seem to take it as weakness, I don't know but being solo seems to be the best answer. Gentlemen, us ladies are not that hard to keep happy and remember the happier we are the happier you are, it's not rocket science.