Saturday, October 29, 2005


I realize it's coming up on a year since I last posted, sooo much has happened. I'm in the process of a divorce (Yeah!!), drove across the country with my best friend, moved to Atlanta, GA (Interesting Place), going back to school (A mind is a terrible thing to waste), my step-mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now cancer free (Give thanks), and I'm developing my own clothing line, (well just t-shirts for now but who knows!) 2004/2005 has certainly been a very emotional period for me and I hate to say it but I'm ready to welcome 2006, my outlook for this coming year is a whole lot brighter, although I said 2005 was my year. I guess it some way it was, one of the things I will definitely suggest to all those whose eyes may pass this blog, read the book ' The Power of Now' by Eckert Tolle, it will change how you look at your life. We spend too much time worrying about what happened in the past and what we are going to do in the future that we miss what is happening right now. That is how you really get the best out of life, enjoy what is going on right now. GET THE BOOK!

Hey Lady Candyass Sharkbite (aka 'Lead Belly'), check out your 9/29/04 blog entry when you miss me! I had looked back to the pics of Simon when he was still a baby (awww !!) My little boy is growing up! sniff, sniff. Can't wait to see the new addition, I guess your cat to room ratio is still under the limit!